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Programme for the co-financing of provision of public rental housing units and residential units in 2022 and 2023

The Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, a public fund, informs all interested local authorities, their budget funds, public real estate funds and legal entities registered in the Register of Non-Profit Housing Organisations from Article 152 of the SZ-1 and other entities that the text of the new Programme for the Co-financing of the Provision of Public Rental Housing Units in 2022 and 2023 has been published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No.50/2022 with effect from 11 April 2022.

The programme is aimed at acquiring new public rental housing and housing units in all local communities in Slovenia. The main emphasis and priority is given to investment projects that meet the conditions of the new energy efficiency regulations and co-investment projects, where the SSRS purchases up to 50% of public rental housing and residential units. It also provides the possibility of borrowing up to 50% of the value of public rental housing and residential units. The programme also maintains a slightly modified form of co-financing: co-investment with a loan.

The public call is open until the day when the decisions of the Supervisory Board of the SSRS approve all the planned funds, or no later than 31 December 2023. Due to the short period of validity of the programme, the SSRS reserves the right to extend the period or to publish a new programme in the event of a possible increase in the funds available for the implementation of the programme.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with the content of the programme. For further clarifications and explanations, the following types of communication are available: written request or telephone (01) 47 10 500 or email:

As the implementation and success of the programme depends on your participation, we kindly invite you to work together to acquire new public rental housing and housing units in your municipality and to implement projects as soon as possible with the aim and objective of increasing the public rental housing stock in Slovenia.