Preskoči na vsebino Zemljevid strani


In Maribor, the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia will build the Novo Pobrežje neighbourhood with up to 430 new rental housing units.

Novo Pobrežje


The Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia intends to build rental housing in Maribor in the area of Ulica Veljka Vlahovič street in line with its activities.

A total of 430 housing units are planned in two independent construction phases, namely 312 public rental housing units and 30 serviced housing units in area one (O1), and 58 public rental apartments and 30 serviced apartments in area two (O2). Preparatory and planning activities are underway for the project. The Decree on the Municipal Detailed Spatial Plan for the Novo Pobrežje Residential Neighbourhood in the Municipality of Maribor was adopted in October 2022, followed by design and permitting and land preparation in the following years. Construction of the first phase is planned to start after 2025, subject to the availability of financial resources for the realisation of the neighbourhood.


Location on the map

The residential neighbourhood will be located between Veljka Vlahovič street and Puhova street in Maribor.