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Dear journalists!


The Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, a public fund (hereinafter referred to as the Fund) does not have a public relations department and does not have an individual or staff member dedicated exclusively to this area. Nevertheless, the Fund responds to journalists’ questions in accordance with the deadlines and provisions of the Media Act and the Access to Public Information Act.

A question that is clear and specific is considered a journalistic question. Oral questions, joking or immoral questions, vague or anonymous questions will not be considered by the Fund. The Fund also does not address questions or make comments on matters for which it is not competent.

We accept questions from journalists:

  • by e-mail to with the subject line: press questions;
  • in writing to: the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, Public Fund, Poljanska cesta 31, 1000 Ljubljana, with the subject line “Press Questions” or;
  • by fax to: 01 47 10 508, marked ‘Press questions’.

Press questions sent or received to other email or postal addresses of the Fund or its staff will be deemed to be unanswered and will not receive a substantive reply. The same applies to questions sent to a fax number other than the one indicated above. Each additional question to the answers already given is treated as a new question.

The Fund shall treat all press questions received in writing, by e-mail or by fax after the close of the Fund’s official working hours as if received on the first working day following. From that date, the time limits for responding under the applicable law start to run. The opening hours for each working day are published on the “Contact” page.

To ensure transparency of information, whenever the Fund sends answers to journalists’ questions, it publishes them on its website, together with the journalists’ questions. The Fund does not proofread questions received.

Journalists shall be deemed to have been formally informed of this communication, which is published on the website, and to have consented to all of the above when asking questions of the Fund.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Media centre

Alma Sinanović

Freelance consultant VII/2 in the Director’s Office


Telephone: 01/ 4710 507