Preskoči na vsebino Zemljevid strani


Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia will provide

40 new public rental housing units in Ljubljana


Dolgi most

The Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia has completed the construction of two multi-apartment buildings with a total of 40 public rental housing units ranging in size from 38 m2 (one-bedroom) to 79.6 m2 (four-bedroom) at Dolgi most, along Cesta za progo in Ljubljana. The buildings are constructed in the extension of multi-apartment buildings with non-profit housing units, which are rented out by the Public Housing Fund of the Municipality of Ljubljana in accordance with its activity.

In a formerly degraded area of the city, the newly built facilities of the Fund and the existing facilities of JSS MOL will be successfully assembled into a small residential neighbourhood.

Each multi-housing unit building consists of two elongated cluster units, with the shorter side oriented east-west. The buildings do not have basements, so the ground floor of each building is used for residents’ parking. The housing units will be on two floors. Between the lamellas of each building there is a common atrium, which is greened and will be an internal common outdoor space for the residents of each building.

The housing units are located on the first and second floor, and the floor plan organisation allows for a double-sided orientation of the living spaces. To the south, each housing unit with a larger window is fully open to the light and access to the lodge. The outdoor space belonging to each housing unit will be available for residents to use all year round.

The housing units are accessed via covered external common corridors – external porches, located on the north side of the buildings. The outdoor layout includes a green area around both buildings and children’s play areas.

The new neighbourhood has been designed as far as possible with sustainability and functionality in mind. The buildings are designed as low-energy buildings with an integrated ventilation system with efficient heat recovery, achieving energy class A2 and are practically energy self-sufficient. The external layout is a combination of paved and green areas. The paved roadways and walkways are of concrete and asphalt, while the remaining areas of the external landscaping consist of gravel, lawns, planting and sandy playgrounds. In the northern part of the site there is a children’s playground, equipped with children’s playground equipment, a table tennis table, benches and trees. There is a footpath between and behind the two buildings.

The construction of the facilities is completed, the final occupancy permit is obtained on 22 December 2022, and handover to users is expected in 2023.

The grand opening of the building will take place on 19 May 2023.

The Ljubljana Long Bridge is one of the projects for which the Fund has obtained a CEB Bank loan LD 2113 (2021).



Location on the map

The residential neighbourhood will be located along Za progo Street in Vič, Ljubljana.