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Call for housing units for rent

Here you can see the full tender documentation for the call for housing units for rent in various locations across Slovenia. The basic call for tenders and the Amendments and Modifications to the Call for Tenders, the full range of housing units, all rental and application conditions, as well as the deadlines for submission of applications and selections and the information calculations can be found by clicking on the tender documentation tab.

Priority for tenants is given to young families, families with a child in primary school, families and youth. After the first selection, the Fund will rent out the housing units from 5 April 2013 onwards according to the conditions set out in the call for tenders and the amendments to the call for tenders to all applicants until all housing units have been rented out according to a specific tenant selection protocol using a special computer programme. The protocol for further tenant selection is presented on the Fund’s website.

You are welcome to view the full Call for Tenders at, and if you need further information, you can also call us or send us an email at We welcome any constructive comments you may have, which we will be happy to consider and try to take into account as much as possible in our future orientations.


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Open calls and calls for tenders


Open calls and calls for tenders