Preskoči na vsebino Zemljevid strani

Presentation of the project

With more than 24,100 inhabitants, Novo Mesto is the 7th largest municipality by population in Slovenia. As a municipality, it has an increasing potential, with a strong industrial development and an increasing demand for residential property. The planned new multi-housing unit development is located in the Podbreznik settlement area to the west of Novo Mesto, close to the Novo Mesto Olympic Centre. To the north of the proposed new building, there are already 5 existing multi-apartment buildings, which are part of the Podbreznik settlement, in a beautiful wooded nature.

The design concept of the new building is based on the intertwining of green wooded areas with a constructed structure that takes into account the topography of the site, the existing trees and the views in the space. The building is designed as a building with three blocks of flats, which will have a common basement, which will contain a garage with parking areas, and a common associated external landscaping. The blocks will have B+G+3+A floors, with a total of 103 housing units with balcony niches in six different typologies, with block B1 having 32 units, block B3 38 units and block B5 33 units. The project also provides for 10% of such housing to be adapted for people with disabilities in functioning or moving, or special needs, located on the ground floors of blocks of flats.

The planned construction will provide an almost zero-energy building with A1 energy performance class and will meet the conditions of energy-efficient solutions with regard to renewable sources. The buildings will be heated by an electric heat pump, with low-temperature underfloor heating. Central ventilation via air conditioning and cooling are planned in blocks B1, B3 and B5.

In the same neighbourhood, the Municipality of Novo Mesto is the investor of buildings B7 and B9 with a total of 81 apartments, and the Fund will be a co-investor on the basis of the Programme for Co-financing the Provision of Public Rental Housing in 2022 and 2023.

The construction of buildings B1, B3 and B5 in the Podbreznik neighbourhood is one of the projects for which the Fund has obtained a CEB Bank loan LD 2113 (2021).

The project is partly funded by the European Union under the Recovery and Resilience Facility under Component 16: “Housing policy, Investment: Providing public rental housing units.”

More about the project:

The project is currently in the implementation phase, with completion of the works and occupancy permit expected by the end of 2024. The housing units are expected to be available for occupation in 2025.

Number of buildings:                                          3

Approximate number of housing units:      103 (including 11 for people with reduced mobility)

Number of parking spaces:                           100 parking spaces in the garage, 63 outdoor parking spaces

Size of housing units:                               38 – 83 m2 (excluding storage rooms and balconies)

Structure of housing units:

1 room                                11                             11%

2 room                              29                             28%

2.5 room                           26                             25%

3 room                              28                             27%

4 room                               9                                 9%