Preskoči na vsebino Zemljevid strani

Presentation of the project

The Fund plans to develop up to two residential buildings for up to 80 public rental housing units on part of the land owned by the Fund on a site in Lukovica by the end of 2025. The key role in the development of the project is played by the Municipality of Lukovica, which must provide communal and traffic-equipped wider area, including the area of multi-apartment construction of the Fund and other investors according to the existing spatial plan.

The residential neighbourhood is located in the suburban environment of Lukovica, the municipal centre of the municipality of Lukovica with 5,000 inhabitants, which is 20 km from Ljubljana. The construction next to the municipal centre will have a significant impact on the development of the settlement, as it will allow the expansion of the settlement into the degraded areas between the regional road and the motorway. The construction of the municipal infrastructure for the neighbourhood will also accelerate construction in the rest of the area, where public, commercial, service and light industry activities are planned.

The neighbourhood consists of 4 buildings with floors GF + 3, each building providing up to 22 residential units ranging in size from 32 to 85 m2. To reduce the noise impact, the apartments are equipped with loggias. The larger apartments are oriented on two sides, optimally sized and bright. On the ground floor, there are residents’ storage rooms next to the entrance and service areas. The buildings are equipped with lifts, and people with reduced mobility have access to all common areas and spaces within the adapted apartments.

The building will be energy efficient. Mechanical ventilation with heat recuperation is planned, and roofs will be used for the installation of a solar power plant. For E-mobility, the installation of external car charging points is planned. When designing the energy supply of buildings, the focus will be on finding the most efficient and acceptable long-term energy solutions.

Parking will be provided partly in the external car parks along the access road and partly on the ground floor of the building. Off-street car parks allow for more rational construction in geologically challenging terrain with high groundwater levels. The external layout will be designed to reduce the impact of traffic noise and to provide a high quality outdoor environment for the residents.

The construction of two buildings in the Lukovica neighbourhood is one of the projects for which the Fund has obtained a CEB Bank loan LD 2113 (2021).

The project is currently in the phase of obtaining a building permit and preparing the project documentation. Implementation is planned to start in 2024.