Preskoči na vsebino Zemljevid strani


In addition to the already built Zeleni Gaj neighbourhood in Brdo, Ljubljana, where 102 rental housing units are already available in 4 buildings, this year we completed the construction of the second half of the Novo Brdo rental housing units. In total, 18 multi-apartment buildings have been built, with a total of 498 housing units of the Housing fund of the RS.


Novo Brdo


The Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia has built rental housing on 4.8 ha of land in the Novo Brdo neighbourhood, in line with its activities.

The residential neighbourhood is located in Ljubljana’s Vič district, to the east of the new connecting road, the Red Cross Route, between the Road to Vrhovce and the Road to Brdo. The construction of 498 housing units in size from 30 to 80 square meters in 18 buildings of B+GF+3+A storey, including 25 assisted-living housing units and 522 parkirnih spaces in the underground garage under the buildings, have been built.

The 11 buildings in functional unit E2 were granted planning permission in October 2021 and the 7 buildings in functional unit E3 in November 2021. All facilities are also qualitatively inspected and taken over.

Earthworks started in October 2018, and full construction was completed in the second half of 2021.

The new neighbourhood is designed with lanes of built form and internal lanes for pedestrian and cycle traffic running from north to south. The apartment blocks are point-planned, detached and smaller in size (villa blocks), terminating in longitudinal blocks along the Red Cross Route.

The Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia has offered a higher standard of living in the Novo Brdo neighbourhood, as different generations (young, elderly, families) will coexist there, and the buildings and apartments are adapted to this. The well-being of the residents in the new neighbourhood will be ensured by a safe, open outdoor space, which is permeated with a new green system, children’s playgrounds and links to the existing green rings in the east (the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship) and the west (the Rožni hill and the Zeleni gaj sports playgrounds). Connections to the Ljubljana ring road and highway are nearby.



Location on the map

The residential neighbourhood is located in Zeleni gaj na Brdu, 1000 Ljubljana, on the Red Cross Route. Access to the apartment buildings will be possible via Cesta na Brdo or Cesta na Vrhovce roads.