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In Maribor, the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia will provide 400 new rental housing units in the Pod Pekrsko gorco neighbourhood by 2022.  

Pod Pekrsko gorco



The second phase of the Pod Pekrsko gorco residential neighbourhood completes the construction of rental housing units in the Studenci district in the wider city centre of Maribor. In an idyllic urban setting, with beautiful views of Pohorje hill and the surrounding hills, a modern neighbourhood is being built with a focus on sustainable construction and quality living in an urban environment.

Phase 2 consists of 4 buildings of B + GF + 2, with a total of 158 rental and 30 serviced housing units. The 36-83 m2 apartments have large covered balconies, the rooms are bright and airy, and all of them are accessible and usable by people with reduced mobility.

Parking is available in the garage, where 248 parking spaces are available. Additional parking spaces are available in the access street, which is part of the neighbourhood. Electric car charging points are planned. There are plenty of green spaces for residents, with playgrounds for children of all ages and an exercise area for adults and seniors.

Buildings are designed to be nearly zero-energy. The apartments are equipped with a central ventilation system with heat recovery. Economical thermal wrap, effective sun protection, ventilation and the possibility of installing air conditioners provide optimal living comfort with low energy consumption. Bright buildings and plenty of green spaces and trees prevent overheating in summer and allow residents to spend their leisure time in a quality outdoor environment.

The neighbourhood is designed as a meeting point between generations and social groups, as in addition to rental housing, there are also assisted-living housing units for the elderly and community living spaces for people with special needs.

Number of housing units:     188 (of whom 30 are assisted-living)

Number of parking spaces:     248 (in the garage)

Size of housing units:     36 – 83 m2

Structure (beds):           1-2     13%

2     48%

3     34%

4     8%

The construction of the buildings in the Pod Pekrsko gorco neighbourhood, Phase 2, is one of the projects for which the Fund has obtained a CEB Bank loan LD 2113 (2021).

The project is partly funded by the European Union under the Recovery and Resilience Facility under Component 16: “Housing policy, Investment: Providing public rental housing units.”

More about the project:

The final building permit was obtained on 15 October 2019 and the final occupancy permit on 9 March 2023. The grand opening of the residential neighbourhood took place on 27 September 2022. The apartments will be available for occupation in 2023.


Presentation brochure

Maribor – pod Pekrsko gorco

Soseska pod Pekrsko gorco

Maribor – pod Pekrsko gorco

Neighbourhood Pod Pekrsko gorco

Location on the map

The residential neighbourhood will be located in Maribor, between Šarhova street, Kamenškova street and Pohorskega bataljona street.