Preskoči na vsebino Zemljevid strani

Presentation of the project

The Fund owns 29,126 m2 of building land in the Glinka-Podutik area of Ljubljana, mostly already equipped with unilities infrastructure, located in two spatial units (SU1 and SU2).

1. Phase – SU1

In SU1, the Fund owns 4.92 ha of land, which is mainly utilised for utilities and transport. In 2021, at the initiative of the Fund, a Site Review Decision was adopted, which improved the conditions of OPPN 191 and the possibility for the investor to build more housing. In SU1, the amendment to the zoning act allows for the construction of up to 60 public rental housing units (previously up to 48 housing units) in four elongated buildings, the dimensions of which were already defined in the OPPN and have remained unchanged. The intention of the Fund is to create a model example of multi-housing unit smart buildings in timber construction systems in SU1. The design and construction of the buildings will give priority to the following principles of sustainable, natural and ecological construction, measures to reduce the carbon footprint, the use of renewable resources, energy saving measures, the principles of zero-energy buildings, the use of natural resources, recycling, e-mobility, self-sustainability and the choice of local materials.

The construction of Glinka Podutik Phase 1 is one of the projects for which the Fund has obtained a CEB Bank loan LD 2113 (2021).

The project is currently in the phase of obtaining a building permit and preparing the project documentation. Implementation is planned to start in 2024. The completion of the housing in SU1 is foreseen by the end of 2025.

Summary of basic data

Number of housing units                           60

Size of apartments                                       3,8 – 81,10 m2

Structure of housing units:

1 r                                                                     10                               17%

2 r                                                                     15                               25%

2r+k                                                                 23                              38%

3 r                                                                      6                                18%

4 r                                                                      6                                10%


2. Phase – SU2

In SU2, the Fund owns 23.1 ha of land. According to the amended zoning act, up to 345 housing units can be built in SU2. The land in SU2 is partially served by public utilities and transport. In order for the area to function, a C2 road will need to be constructed in the eastern part of SU2.

In the PE2 area, construction will take place successively from 2025 onwards, depending on the progress of the municipal retrofitting of part of the land by the Municipality of Ljubljana.

The project is currently in the phase of obtaining a building permit and preparing the project documentation. Construction in the coming years depends on securing a systemic source of financing, a higher level of borrowing and the implementation of other measures on the part of the State.