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Šmarje pri Jelšah



The operation is part-financed by the European Union under the Recovery and Resilience Facility. The operation is implemented under Component 16: “Housing Policy, Investment: Providing public rental housing units.”



EU CO-FUNDING: EUR 656,990.67

In October 2020, the Municipality of Šmarje pri Jelšah submitted an application to the Co-financing Programme for the provision of housing units for elderly 2017-2020.

Under the Programme, the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia ensures the planned implementation of the basic objectives of co-financing the construction of new public rental housing units in local communities.

On the basis of the decision of the NS SSRSF and the concluded co-investor agreement, sale agreement and addendum to the sale agreement, the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia will cofinance the investment of the Municipality of Šmarje pri Jelšah in the amount of EUR 1,416,909.57 including VAT, thus becoming the owner of 15 serviced housing units with a total area of 674.67 m2 of living space in the O1 building in Šmarje pri Jelšah. Together with the Municipality of Šmarje pri Jelšah, this will provide 30 new public housing units at non-profit rent in the new facility, which are expected to be available by summer 2023.

The Fund has obtained approval for EU co-financing under the Resilience and Recovery Plan, Component 16, for the purchase of 15 serviced housing units: Housing policy, investment: Providing public rental housing units.” amounting to EUR 656,990.

The two buildings, with a total of 30 serviced housing units, are located in a quiet environment amidst greenery next to the existing Šmarje pri Jelšah Retirement Home and just a stone’s throw away from shops and services. The building consists of a ground floor and two floors. Each housing unit includes a living and sleeping area, a balcony/terrace, a personal hygiene area and a storage room within the housing unit or on the same floor outside the housing unit. All housing units are equipped with kitchens and sanitary facilities in the bathrooms. The outdoor terrace of the serviced housing units on the 1st floor is connected to a two-level car park with 12 parking spaces; two additional visitor car parks are located at the entrance to the ground floor. On the ground floor, there is a naturally lit common area (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room), designed for socialising. The location of the serviced housing units provides a functional link to the Retirement Home, which can also provide services to meet the needs of serviced housing units’ residents: health services, meals, cleaning and laundry, multi-purpose rooms for socialising, cultural and artistic activities, occupational therapy and more.