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CEB projects

The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) was established in 1956 under a partial agreement of the Council of Europe. Its priority is to provide financial assistance to help Member States tackle social issues arising from the presence of refugees or displaced persons and victims of natural or environmental disasters. The scope of the Development Bank goes beyond its core mandate to take account of new social and economic factors.

The Bank lends up to 50% of the total value of social investment projects, which are intended to:

  • creating jobs in small and medium-sized enterprises in less developed areas;
  • drawing up vocational training programmes;
  • building social housing units;

Provision of social infrastructure in health (hospitals, health centres, etc.), education (schools, universities, etc.), environmental protection (waste water treatment plants, waste disposal facilities, etc.), modernisation of agriculture (basic infrastructure), urban regeneration and the protection and revitalisation of historical heritage.

The Bank has set up a “Fund Selection Account”, through which it channels part of its annual profits to subsidise interest for specific social projects in the Member States most in need.

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CEB-financed projects of the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia are available at and


Own investments by the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia
Number of rental housing units
Number of serviced apartments
Completion of investment /
handover to tenants
Financing beyond own resources of the Fund
Youth Community Gerbičeva, Ljubljana 109 2021/2021 CEB 1
Novo Brdo (areas E2 and E3), Ljubljana 473 25 2021/2022 CEB 1
Pod Pekrsko gorco, Phase 1, Maribor 182 30 2022/2023 NOO, CEB 1
Pod Pekrsko gorco, Phase 2, Maribor 158 30 2022/2023 NOO, CEB 2
Dolgi most, Ljubljana 40 2022 /2023 CEB 2
Nova Dolinska Koper 91 2023/2024 NOO, CEB 2
Podbreznik, Novo mesto 103 2024/2025 NOO, CEB 2
Partizan, Jesenice 46 2024/2025 CEB 2
Ob Savi Phase 1, Kranj, partly wooden construction 159 28 2025/2025 CEB 2
Lukovica – south (partly 2 buildings) 81 2025/2025 CEB 2
Rožna dolina, Nova Gorica 80 2025/2026 CEB 2
Lendava 1st Phase 38 2024/2025 CEB 2
Podutik Glince Phase 1, Ljubljana, wooden construction 60 2025/2025 CEB 2
TOTAL: 1.620 113