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Renting for youth

We would like to inform the interested public that on 24 March 2017, the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia published a public call for proposals for the rental of apartments for youth.

As a pilot project for young people, the Fund is launching a call for proposals for affordable accommodation for young people in various locations around Slovenia in apartments owned by the Fund and other participating landlords, some of which are primarily intended for group renting. The target group of this call for proposals is young people aged between 18 and 29 who are dealing with a housing problem for the first time or who do not have a satisfactory housing solution.

You can find out more in the text of the call, which is available on the Fund’s website, or by contacting us on 01 4710 500.


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SSRS rents out furnished apartments to young people at affordable prices throughout almost the whole of Slovenia.
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View the entire tender and technical documentation for renting out an apartment to young people.
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On the basis of a public tender, apartments are furnished for rent to young people.
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We are happy to answer all your questions. Send your question to ssrsinfo@localhost/SSRS or call us at 01/47 10 500.