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Housing Fund of Republic of Slovenia, Public Fund

The Housing Fund of Republic of Slovenia, Public Fund (also Fund), serving the interest of the state, covers the territory of the whole state and in accordance with its business policy finances and implements the national housing programme, promotes house building, renewal and maintenance of flats as well as residential buildings.

A Resolution on the National Housing Programme for the period from 2015 to 2025 (also ReNSP15-25) adopted in 2015, defined Fund as the main state authority for the implementation of the national housing policy.

The Fund should, as the main carrier of the implementation of ReNSP15-25, in pursuit of the goals, cooperate with the public policy implementing authorities in other areas of operation of the state, which will also be monitored by a system, set up in the future, intended to monitor the implementation of ReNSP15-25.  The implementation of planned projects and measures will be gradual, whereby the preparatory activities for the establishment of conditions for the successful achievement of set goals will be carried out first, and where a prompt change of required legislation and public policies is of key importance.

It is authorised to:

  • give long-term loans with favourable interest rate to material persons and legal entities for the acquisition of non-profit rental housing
  • give long-term loans with a favourable interest rate to material persons and legal entities for the acquisition of their own apartments and residential buildings through purchase, construction, or for maintenance and reconstruction of apartments and residential buildings
  • invest in apartment construction and building land
  • provide aid in the payment of loans
  • does real estate business with the purpose of ensuring public interest
  • ensures financial motivation for long-term housing savings, especially in the form of premiums for savings of material persons
  • encourages various forms of ensuring owned and rented apartments: with rent purchase of apartments and renting them out, with the sales of apartments in form of leasing, with co-investments with public or private investors, and similar
  • carries out other legal tasks and tasks for the implementation of the national housing programme.

The Fund has established a professional and project-based cooperation with the public and private sectors and, with its operation in various areas, contributes to the achieving of goals, set in developmental, spatial and social development programmes of the state, as well as the regulation of conditions in the housing area and the improvement of legislation in the field of its operation. The Fund also engages in developmental projects. Current activities of the Fund are best represented by larger real estate projects – finished construction of residential neighbourhoods Brdo 1 – neighbourhood Zeleni Gaj at Brdo in Ljubljana (Green Grove Ljubljana), as well as development of rental apartment neighbourhood Novo Brdo and Community for Young Gerbičeva in Ljubljana, Pod Pekrsko gorco in Maribor and Ob Savi in Kranj, where requirements for various forms of residence for target groups of population are the most urgent.




adress: Poljanska cesta 31, P.P. 2044, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

phone: +386 (1) 4710 500